Robocorp Level II Certification: Python Framework

Hi everyone!
I created an order processing robot as instructed in the course (python framework). I automated the process - it goes to the website, closes the modal, specifies the robot components, gets the screenshot of the receipt and attaches it to that of the preview of the designed robot and FINALLY clicks on the ‘order another robot’ button - all of this in a for loop inside a function.

After 4-5 iterations the process is being interrupted with an ‘alert alert-danger’ message: ‘Guess what? A server error’. I believe the code works fine but due to this particular website bug the robot cannot complete the process.

Please help!! If anyone has completed Level II Certification using python, please let me know how to deal with this issue.

I have attached a link which leads to the text file consisting of my python code. Please have a look at it and let me know if it needs further modification. Thanks in advance!

It is not a bug and is part of the course.