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I’m facing the problem that my company is blocking all connections to the anaconda website due to license violations. I’m wondering, is there a way to use the robocorp framework without an internet connection? On the website and in this forum, I did not found any article about that topic.


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For this case you could use pre-built environments Environment validation and hardening | Robocorp documentation

For this you can set up your environment somewhere with required accesses and then deploy to restricted enviroment

Hi Raivo

Sorry for the late response. I have tried your solution and I was able to run a robot with rcc-commands in cmd. But the extension in vs-code was still not activated and I couldn’t get a robot running in vs code.

After I deactivated the company vpn it activated the extension. That workaround is in the gray zone, so probably not the best solution for my problem. Is there a way to activate the vs code extension without internet access?



Hello @fabian.holzknecht

Yes, you can use Robocorp offline for development after an initial setup with internet access. However, for production, you need an internet connection to use Robocorp’s Control Room.

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