Robocorp pure python vs code works but not in the cloud

Hello! I’ve used VS code to develop a pure python robot that works fine locally but when I uploaded to the cloud, an error with an element appears. I’ve tried adding validations and even javascript code but nothing works.
Please help!!

  1. What is exact error that you get?
  2. Can you share minimal but full code [and not as screenshot, but something runnable] that demonstrates that error?
  3. What is on your conda.yaml and in your robot.yaml [also in runnable form, not screenshots]?
  4. Is site that you are trying to automate publicly available (so that it can be accessed outside your local network)?
  5. Since this is infinite loop, that will always stop only on exception, you might always see something that looks like error, but code actually just eats that exception, and breaks the loop. So do you get actual failure stack trace, and if so, can you share that too?

You also might need to consider that the viewport on the cloud is different than your local run and the element is just not visible.

Markdown, java, javascript