Robocorp room运行任务报错

在本地运行一个任务没有问题,但在将任务上传到robocorp room之后运行任务报错: Element ‘id:user_email’ did not appear in 5 seconds.

Sorry, we don’t have chinese support. Could you please use english?

Can you give more details what you are doing? Like following:

  • what is on your robot.yaml and conda.yaml?
  • what library are you using?
  • can you share your source code, so that we can see what is going on?
  • what tooling are you using locally to run this? VS Code? Agent? Pure rcc run? Or something self made?
  • is site that you are trying to access, publicly available and is it fast enough so that 5 second timeout is valid to use?

thanks,I solved this problem