Robocorp Tagui Intergration

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Tagui + Robocorp Integration is here

Now it is possible to write tagui script under different languages in robocorp

I had developed an python library which helps to write tagui scripts under different languages in robocorp

Check out the post

I will be adding GitHub repository for this library so that we can able to run tagui script in robocorp lab.


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How are you installing the environment for this?
I took a look at the history of TagUI and it seems that the development and PyPI packaging has moved under a different name RPA-Python and repository:

…the original installation instructions for TagUI have downloading, unzipping, installer, and PATH editing which is “polluting” the user environment quite badly so having a PyPI or conda-forge for these kinds of things would make this a lot more movable to different environments.

Hi @Kari

yes it is installing the tagui file in user environment if it is not present in user system.

Even for RPA-python it is doing the same process too.

Yeah took a peek into the RPA-Python codes and it is doing a lot of downloads and installs in the Python code to user home etc.

This is a bit of a bad solution for scalability as for example Cloud Container really needs to block these types of actions partly due to security partly due to the fact that the container really does not live after the execution.

Installing things like OpenJDK and vcredists to users machine make the robot vulnerable to the environment having, for example, a different version of JDK from previous runs.
Another viewpoint to the same problem is if the run of a robot installs something that breaks the environment for some other application on the users’ machine.

This is also a reason why we are recommending conda-forge as it could more reliably get even things like OpenJDK into the target machine without changing the system level. But that would need work on the library side to package the dependencies instead of installing and copying them.

In short, this looks like a bit tricky library to nicely contain for movable and repeatable executions.

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Hi @Kari , i will check with ken regarding this

Thanks for your suggestions

Hi @Kari , I am forwarding this message from Ken

Hi Kari, thanks for your review!

I’m Ken from AI Singapore. I created TagUI and RPA for Python. Nived is a fast-learner and power user of both Robocorp and TagUI. Over the past couple of days, with some guidance from me, in his GitHub repo right now, is a solution that auto-setups the environment accordingly for different OS (Windows, macOS, Linux).

  1. In his solution, there is no modification of environment variables like PATH.

  2. There is downloading TagUI files to user home folder on macOS and Linux, and %APPDATA% for Windows. But OpenJDK is not necessary for TagUI to run, unless user wants to use OpenCV computer vision and Tesseract OCR. So installation is not necessary, only download unzip and run. Vcredist is needed on Windows but there has no conflict since it is a specific version. Installing of OpenJDK and Vcredist are entirely user’s choices and not automated.

  3. If you have a concern on downloading to user home folder on macOS/Linux, which is the standard place to install programs, you can suggest another folder which any macOS/Linunx user consistently has write access to, to download the files and Nived can easily change to that.

There is no plans for Conda Forge, but Nived can publish his solution on PyPi if needed. Otherwise he can either continue sharing his solution for other Robocorp / Robot Framework users to use directly from his template, or perhaps explore releasing directly as a Robot Framework TagUI library instead.

adding the github repository link too: