Robocorp : Trigger Bot [custom Library]

Hi all,

In this video i will show the demonstration of the trigger bot.

The trigger bot will trigger the process based on the actions like mouse click , file changes etc. Let’s see the keywords present in the trigger [custom] library

  1. Monitor Mouse Click : It will trigger the keyword provided as an argument whenever any mouse button is clicked which is passed as an argument.
    eg :

*** Keywords***
Open the website
Open Available Browser

*** Tasks***

Monitor Mouse Click Open the website left

This above code tells that it will trigger the Open the website keyword when we click the left mouse button since we had provided left as an argument.

if we need to make trigger based on right , instead of left use right as argument.

  1. File Trigger : It will trigger the keyword based on when a file is added to the folder which is provided as an argument

for eg:
*** Keywords ***
Data entry operations

Input Text id:name Nived

*** Tasks ***
File trigger Data Entry operations ${CURDIR}

It will trigger the Data Entry operations keyword whenever the file is added to current Directory which we had provided as argument.

For the better understanding watch the video

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