RobocorpVaultError using Control Room vault

Hello everyone,

I have created a robot that uses a vault to store a value. When I use my local vault, it works fine; however, if I connect to the Vault from Control Room with VS Code, I get the error RobocorpVaultError. The same happens if I upload the robot and create an assistant that uses the Control Room Vault.
The local vault has the same values as the one in Control Room, so I do not understand the reason why this is happening. I would really appreciate any help given.
A snipped of the code and error recieved:


Here is the local vault:

And here is the vault from Control Room:


This is strange - I am trying debug this in wide scale…

  1. Can you show your env.json
  2. How do you move your robot to Control Room (e.g. rcc, vscode or via github)
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Are you behind firewall or proxy? Are these configurations done: Firewall and network proxy requirements | Robocorp documentation


Thank you both for your responses. It turns out it was a network requirement issue.

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