Robot Assistant BETA feedback

No need to hold your breath any longer, we’ve heard your feedback:
Excited to announce that as of today, we are releasing our Robot Assistant in beta.
Robot Assistant will open up again new use cases to be automated with Robocorp by enabling end-users to interact with the robots. To see the Robot Assistant in action, have a look at the demo run by Antti in our webinar last week

Users can launch Robot Assistants through Robocorp App, and the Assistants can be managed through Robocorp Cloud. During the beta phase, the feature is free to use and will not accumulate any robot run minutes. For more information, check here

We’d love to hear your feedback. Test it out and let us know what you think!


I’ve tried out this feature, and I really like it. However, do I understand your proposed pricing, which will be $30/month/assistant? That pricing model won’t work for our application.

The assistant pricing is $30/month for each assistant that’s defined in Robocorp Cloud, not for each user that uses those.

So each assistant can then be used for an unlimited number of users. If you have an assistant defined, and you use it with 100 users, that’s still just $30 / month.

What kind of usage / application are you looking to implement?


Kinda of confused why there would be per minute charges if it runs locally on our equipment on our bandwidth and we pay a monthly fee to Robocorp. Or am I missing something?


The minute counter does not run for Assistants. You only pay a monthly fee per Assistant, regardless of the number of users. See

Hope this helps?