Robot for Level 2 exam only works on VScode but not on Robocorp Lab

Hello all,

I’ve used VScode for the most part of the development of the robot for Level 2 certificate.


I can confirm that I can successfully run my robot without any errors on VScode with Robocorp extension. I submitted mine. (available at GitHub - imasoul2/Robocorp: Robocorp training ) Using rpaframework==11.4.0 version.

However, when I try running the same project through the Robocorp Lab, I encounter the error saying:
failed with: KeyError: ‘Undefined secret: vault_data’

However, the Robocorp.Vault Get Secret activity works perfectly fine on VScode.

Any idea why it’s causing this issue?

Upgrading the Robocorp Lab to VER 4.22.8 BETA resolved this issue of finding the keyword however the IDE itself would crash midway.