Robot framework writing robot in robot framework

We all spend multiple hours a day writing code for our robots, or maybe for other people’s robots.
My typical day consists of writing robot framework, javascript, python, json, xml, html and sometimes even other types of code.

Now I needed to write code for all the functions from a ‘read the docs’ page, and this was a perfect reason to write a robot framework writing robot in robot framework

It reads the rpaframework docs, and the robotframework docs, and outputs json, javascript and xml files that i can use in my web based drag and drop robot framework builder (based on google blocky)
Seeing a robot write robot framework code is so joyfull, can’t wait to beta-launch my product :star_struck:

It took only 3 days to generate all the code needed and I’m now finetuning the code manually.
saved me around 6 weeks of work. Plan to open-source it once my startup launches, feel free to reach out to me if you want early access.

The result is similar to the Robocorp Automation Studio, and is built in only 3 days (not from scratch, but for a solo developer it is “not a small feat, so please bear with me”):


This looks awesome! :heart_eyes:

Hey @brian when beta launch, can’t wait to try it out :face_with_peeking_eye: