RPA certification level III - Quiz Pitfalls

Hello to all!

I completed the code challenge, but I couldn’t answer all the quiz questions. At the end of the quiz, I get the message: Good try! Take a small break and try again. You can do it!
It seems to me that there are some pitfalls that I could not immediately notice. Has anyone passed the quiz yet? Share your experience please

Hi @saleksey67 -

Let’s try with these hints (the number of correct choices for multiple-choice questions):

  • To make your code more readable, you should (choose all that apply): (choose 2)
  • When should you commit secrets into your repository (choose all that apply)? (choose 1)
  • What is the best way to securely store secrets for your robots (choose all that apply)? (choose 1)
  • When using RCC, what robot creation command can you use to create a new robot from a template (choose all that apply)? (choose 2)
  • Which libraries can be used to interact with browser-based applications (choose all that apply)? (choose 2)
  • What RPA Framework keywords can you use to wait for things when automating a web application (choose all that apply)? (choose 4)

Let me know if they are useful!

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@saana looks like this is not for third level certification, not useful :melting_face:

Hi! Posting some general hints. Can not give away too much, but these might help a bit.

  • The max score is 42 points. You need to get at least 40 points. Some people have passed on their first attempt, so it is possible. :slight_smile:
  • Incorrect choices will reduce a point (selecting all the choices everywhere is not a great tactic).
  • In some multi choices, all the choices are correct.
  • In some multi choices, just one choice is correct.
  • Many choices can be checked against documentation.
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I passed, thanks) the tips helped :pray:



What confused me little bit during my exam was your statement:

  • In some multi choices, all the choices are correct.

I don’t think the statement above is correct because I did not see any question where all choices would be correct.

Please correct me if I’m wrong…

You are wrong. :smiley:

Hi there,
I’ve tried the quiz several times. However, I can’t get it right and, to be honest, I don’t know where I’m wrong in thinking. I’ve already tried reading all the questions in the documentation.
Can someone please give me a tip what I should change?
Thanks very much!


You are wrong. :smiley:

OK :slightly_smiling_face:

The main thing for me is that I managed to pass the exam even without selecting all choices in any of the questions.

Yep. You don’t have to have everything correct to pass. Congratulations!

Hi, @lilula! Messaged some tips.

Hi jani,
It would be helpful to get some tips from you.
All technical questions are easy. But tried several times with different combination of answers. Read whole documentation and searched a lot. But no luck. I am pretty sure I am very close to the passing score.

Hi! There are now tips added to the quiz.

Dear @Jani,

Can you also please check what is wrong with my answers? I tried multiple times and I still failed.
Thank you.

I’ve tried the certification level 3 quiz several times. However, I can’t get it right. I’ve gone through the documentation. Can someone please give me a tip or the questions I am getting wrong?

Hi @jani, I failed the level 3 quiz a few times and I was looking forward for a feedback about what I was doing wrong. Thanks in advanced.

Hi, @esteordenes. Sent some tips (message).

Have fun !!!
Don’t worry @jani response are faked

I don’t have a certificate myself because I’m too weak ;(
but clicking the same thing is so boring




ROFL, nice one, @emilszymecki! :smiley:


Like most in this thread, I have been trying to clear this quiz after going through each question as an open book exam and studying the documentation.

Feedback : This Course III quiz is not upto the mark. Some of the options are ridiculously off topic while some questions are so cryptic that one cannot find the correct answers after reading the entire documentation of the library.

The best course you guys have so far is the Course II where you explicitly test the developers understanding and allow room for creativity. At least there you provide a practical challenge to the participants and not make us go through a half-baked quiz which provides very little revision of the Producer-Consumer model, control Room functions/features, exception handling etc.

I do not see any value addition to me as a developer from this quiz. Why not make a quiz which has a pool of questions and when the participant is not able to get the right answers let them know why. Each time the pool of question is different that way the participants learns and gets to revise many more topics. If you do this do not provide a certification at the end of the quiz. Provide another challenge where we build the robot from scratch similar to Course II and link the certification to that.

Thank you again to the entire Robocorp team. For now I would avoid trying to pass this quiz. That is my two cents.