RPA certification level III - Quiz Pitfalls

Hi saleksey67. Could you help me answer quiz? it is difficult for me

Out of interest, did you only took the test, or did you also followed building the robot part?

Hi @linkraivo,

Sat through the walkthrough and built the robot first. There is no point in shortcuts.

That is also my point. Such certificates should not be linked to quizzes rather be linked to a prototype / capstone project like in Course II. I would happily sit and build a robot which used the Producer consumer model than get certified just for the sake of a certification.

I do have some experience developing robots using Robocorp and other RPA tools, but this quiz is just not worth the time anymore.

My feedback is just that a user feedback. Robocorp is gaining traction, but the course structure needs to be cared for if more developers want to adopt robocorp and understand the entire ecosystem.

By the way @emilszymecki :+1: for automating it and ensuring vars.py did not leak the answers to the public.

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Hi @jani, I failed the level 3 quiz a few times and I was looking forward for a feedback about what I was doing wrong. Thanks in advanced.

Hi, @vinh1682485307!

Hi! Some tips based on your latest attempt (no secrets in these hints so posting here since they might help others):

  • “Robocorp can automate systems…” → The hint of this question is quite good. :slight_smile:

  • Business exceptions: You answered “A business exception might be caused by, for example, invalid data.”, which is true. Then you also answered “A business exception typically goes away by retrying the failing action many times.”. If the data is invalid and causes the business exception, resubmitting the same invalid data would not probably fix the issue.

  • “Work items are stored as separate CSV files, one file per work item.” → If you went through the course, you might have noticed that the work items are stored locally in files. What type of files are they?

  • “To loop through all the available work items:” → You answered: “One implements a FOR loop and loads the work items one by one by calling the Load Work Item keyword.” The tip is the hint: This is covered in the course.

  • “When you want to mark work item as completed, you…” → You answered “Use the Mark Work Item As Completed keyword.”, which is not correct. As the hint states, “Tip: This is covered in the course.”. :slight_smile:

  • "Work items support the following exception types (choose all that apply): → You answered: BUSINESS, API, APPLICATION, DATABASE, UI. The tip in the quiz says: “Tip: Read the library and keyword documentation.”

Hi @jani, I’m still having trouble at the level 3 quiz. I was looking forward for a feedback about what I was doing wrong again. Thanks in advanced.

Hi, @vinh1682485307! Please read the previous hints provided to you first - it seems like you missed those, perhaps?

Hi @jani,

Could you please give me some hints to clear the level 3 exam?


Hi, @arun.jain.vit!

The small chunks of work at the core of the pattern-that-shall-not-be-named are called (Tip: This is mentioned in the course.):

“Thingies” → Incorrect.

“The two easiest things in programming are cache invalidation and naming things.” → Those are often referred to as the hardest things. :slight_smile:

If you want to store files in Control Room’s artifacts section, your robot should place the files (Tip: Try it out.):

“At the root of the robot folder.” → Incorrect. This is covered, for example, in the level II course.

If you want to use Python code in your Robot Framework robot (Tip: This is covered in the course.):

“Your only option is to implement a custom Python library and import it into your robot.” → Incorrect.

Hi @jani, I’m having a problem with the level 3 quiz. Can I get feedback on what I did wrong? Thank you in advance.

Hi, @aleksandra.r! Seems like you already completed the quiz. Congratulations!

@jani , not clear, could you please help me

Hi, @jani. It seems that a sheer amount of attempts have been tried already but the quiz is still pending. Could you kindly suggest what went wrong? Thank you!

I passed , the hint is really help.

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@jani can you please help me where am i going wrong in my third level of certification , unable to pass after multiple try

I will take a look at it and get back to you.

Hi @eric , did you get chance to look into this ?

Hi jani.
Would you please help me check my answers,and give me some tips?
I tried seveal times,but always failed :upside_down_face: