RPA Chrome browser locator is not working when region changes

RPA Chrome browser locator is not working when region changes.
I am getting the following error when i changed country.
Task(s) failed:

Task Do Background check failed with: Element ‘//input[@title=“Search”]’ not visible after 5 seconds.
The search is on Google.

But the title here is in Hindi. How can i set the language as English always? Is it something should i set on the config?

Hi @thomas.shibin09,

I am not a chrome expert but will try to assist. I believe if you go to chrome://settings/?search=Languages you will be taken to a menu where you can select your default language. My page looked something like this.

Let me know if this solves it. If not, we can keep working on this together.


This works only if you logged in to chrome using a gmail id, as a guest language option is not available. Robocorp opens chrome in guest mode i guess.

Maybe setting locale would help with this.

Worst case scenario trying with a different locator, like name:btnK (which is language agnostic) or just looking for the first type="submit" button and clicking that, would do the job.

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I tried avoiding text’s in locator which can be region specific. So, as per my latest changes the issue is not occuring.

I will try this definitely and update here.