RPA Data Entry Tutorial : Robocorp

Hi all,
This is my next tutorial on Robocorp. In this entire playlist, we will see how we can develop a bot which helps to do the rpa data entry challenge step by step approach.

Detailed description :

Use Case Description : https://youtu.be/_XY4bHHym0w

Step 1 - Open the website : https://youtu.be/pc6e139DrXQ

Step 2- Download the excel report : https://youtu.be/44IiA-aXaWw

Step 3- Read the excel and fill the data : https://youtu.be/HR17iEKp1Ng

Step 4- Take screenshot and close website : https://youtu.be/YsRh6O2IvFQ

Please watch the video and let me know any comments or feedback on this

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Nived N
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Good stuff, @Nived_Nambiar, thanks for sharing!

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