[RPA.Desktop] Use legacy attributes


I’m trying to use legacy element to use click option (mouse click) but I’m not getting success.

I used Get windows elements to see the elements and I found the element I want.

How can I click in this element (this attribute is unique)?

Hi @kazuuyr and welcome to the forum :heart:

If you have that element in a variable, for example ${element} then you should be able to do…

Mouse Click ${element}

And I am assuing that you are talking about RPA.Desktop.Windows library ? I recommend looking into RPA.Windows library which should solve some performance issues related to the RPA.Desktop.Windows library.

Hello @mika , I’m using RPA.Desktop.Windows… I’ll try this RPA.Windows.

About my doubt, I don’t know how I get this element by the legacy attribute. This button doesn’t have a value, it only have this “tooltip”.

Do you know if Get element should get by legacy attribute?

@mika do you have any article about how to run an application with RPA.windows?
I’m getting No keyword with name “Windows Run” found.

Did you read documentation for the library ? you need to install extra package (add to the conda.yaml)


  - conda-forge
  - python=3.7.5
  - pip=20.1
  - pip:
    - rpaframework==12.5.1
    - rpaframework-windows==2.0.1
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@mika, I will use Desktop Windows (I think it’s easier).

To test, I’m using Get windows elements and trying to use the first element of both list that are returned, but the terminal is showing “ValueError: could not find unique element for…”

We have any value to say that we are using object as locator?

I used ${elements[0]} and ${elements[1]}.