RPA.HTTP.Download loads forever

Hi All,

I have just created a very simple process that opens a webpage and downloads an Excel file.
When I execute the process it opens the website and downloads the Excel file but at the end the “RPA.HTTP.Download” line is loading forever.
Could you please help me out what could be the issue?

Thank you.

Hi @erika.papp and welcome to the forum!

In principle your code seems correct, but couple of questions

  • what is your operating system (window?)
  • while the Download is loading, can you check whether anything appears in the target directory or not
  • is the Open Available Browser somehow related to the download?

You could also double check:

  • whether your network requires a proxy configuration
  • that the url is correct :slight_smile:
  • if something (e.g. your computers firewall etc) is blocking the communication

Hi @Teppo
Thank you for your answer.

I use Windows 10 Pro (Version 21H1).
Yes it downloads the file, it can be found in the directory.

If I add 3 more lines to the code:

  1. open the downloaded Excel file
  2. read the data from it
  3. close the file
    In this case the “RPA.Excel.Files. Close Workbook” line is loading forever instead of “RPA.HTTP.Download” line. Seems like always the last row is in an infinite loop.

Hi, @erika.papp! You might be facing this issue. In some cases, that might cause the Lab “kernel” to get stuck.

While waiting for an official fix, you should be able to run your robot using the Run Robot button (top right of the screen).

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Trivia: Lab tries to parse the process output and in some cases the file encodings in the output do not match the expected (UTF-8) and cause these “stuck” scenarios. The linked issue contains a proposed fix, and that fix should eventually get integrated to a new Lab release.