Rpaframework-windows - Dialogs and DataGrid

Hello, what is the correct way to work with Dialogs and DataGrids on Windows with the rpaframework-windows library? Here’s the link to the documentation I’m using as a reference. Thanks


Hi! Even better, you can use our Robocorp docs page for this. And I hope you’ll find in there all the necessary keywords to automate your Windows apps, let us know what you try to achieve and is not working.

I don’t have experience specifically with Dialogs and DataGrids, but I believe that with the Control Window keyword and a good locator you’ll match what you need. Then you can click buttons and/or send keyboard shortcuts to automate them. As for other elements, in case you want to get/set text or values, hopefully these keywords can help:

Please share with us the app and what and how you want to automate it (if possible) so we can understand better the needs.

Hi Cosmin,

Look at the image, I would like to know how to handle the Dialog that is displayed. Note that Dialog is displayed outside the context of the mdi of the main application which is “Accounting”. It’s a dialog to save a file, in pywinauto it was simple to handle this issue, but in uiautomatioin I didn’t find a simple way. Thanks.

What was the logic that worked on pywinauto ?

As the Exportar em Arquivo is a new window (Dialog) you would need to use Control Window name:"Exportar em Arquivo" to interact with the elements of that window.

I guess this should work

Control Window   name:"Exportar em Arquivo"
Click   name:Save type:Button

I notice that you are using inspect.exe to inspect Windows desktop. Have you tried using Accessibility Insights which is recommended tool by Microsoft ?

And thing to keep in mind at least with the Accessibility Insights is that to inspect some applications the Accessibility Insights needs to be run as administrator.


Thanks Mika, I followed your suggestion and it worked!

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