Run TCs individually & generate suite report

Hi there!

I have a test suite consisting of semi-automated test cases, some of them requiring quite complex manual steps, which are often improperly executed by the testers in the team.

Running the 20+ test cases, which often require rebooting an embedded device and waiting for it to get back online, is very time consuming, and the whole test suite takes approximately 40min to an hour to execute.

Because of that, testers tend to execute the tests individually and send me logs for these. But then I cannot get a global report for the whole test suite…!

I tried calling rebot and passing all the output.xml files generated during these individual runs, but they create very ugly reports, with 20 test suites containing each 1 test case.

I tried stripping the XML output files of their test suite & suite statistics contents, but the files were then improper for parsing by reBot…

So my question is:
Is there a nice way to catenate individual runs into a single report? or do I have to implement my own rebot script…? If so, are there some nice tutorials on this topic? I implemented some small listeners before but I don’t know much about the report generation aspect of the API

Looking fwd to your suggestions :wink:

Hello @bruno.marques welcome to forum :wave: You might also want to check out There are more users on that forum who have experience with running test suites.

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