Save Data in excel from consumer bot through control room

I am reading data from excel in the producer bot. In the consumer bot I am trying to update values in the existing excel. When running locally the excel is being updated fine but when running from control room, the bot is not updating the excel in the consumer bot however it is able to read excel in producer bot.

Are you able to share the code you are using? Also, a log for the control room run might be helpful.

Consumer bot code screenshot:

Control room log screenshot:

Are you able to access excel file after cloud run? It looks like the file is not saved in output folder and in this case, it is not available after run.

No I am not able to access excel file after cloud run. How can I save it in output folder and make it available for myself after run?

You could use Move File after changes and have it in the output folder. Or keep file already initially there.

I tried moving file to the output folder but still I am not able to access it.

I tried with the following code without any issues. Check your code for logic errors.