Scheduling Robots


I have created a new robot and now checking on options to schedule it automatically.

Other than Control room, are there other ways to schedule the robot?

Can we do using Gitlab pipelines or is there any event we can define in the robot such that when the event happens it should automatically run the robot.

Please let me know.


You can start a Control Room Process with the RPA.Robocorp.Process library:

As far as I know, you can run processes like so:

  • Manually from Control Room UI using the Run button
  • Scheduling it from the UI like you already discovered
  • By sending an e-mail (for extra details look into E-mail triggering section on WorkItems)
  • Any integrations helper (like Zapier, GitHub workflow etc.) supporting API calls (look for Start a process… requests)

So you have plenty of options, let us know which one was suitable for you, good luck!


Thanks @cosmin.

Actually, I don’t want to use the Control room itself to run the robot as it comes with a pricing.

We are using Gitlab in our project, Is it possible to configure a pipeline and run the robot from Gitlab itself? If yes, Are there any reference videos/documentation available for the same?

Please let me know. Thanks

You can setup it yourself. We have open source tool that you can use for running, see: GitHub - robocorp/rcc: RCC is a set of tooling that allows you to create, manage, and distribute Python-based self-contained automation packages - or 'robots' as we call them.

We don’t have examples or documentation specifically for Gitlab, since that is not our focus. But there is (very, very old) Jenkins example at GitHub - robocorp/jenkins-rpa-demo but that also uses rcc. But note, rcc has moved forward quite a lot, so probably some adaptation is needed.


@jippo Thank you very much