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Would like to have chance to get all secrets as list with wildcard or similar. Use case would be: robot has 5 different account for process. This is for concurrent runs as account is allowed only in one session. So we could add variable to secret and set it to some value when it in use

Robot could then query all secrets like App Secret, getting App Secret 1, App Secret 2 etc. Then it could valuate which ones are already in use, or take an action if there is no available secrets.
Hope it makes sense :exploding_head:

It makes total sense. We have on the planning board something that we call “resource manager”. In cloud you could define in a resource group called “App Secret” with two resources:
1: {“secret_name”: “App Secret 1”}
2: {“secret_name”: “App Secret 2”}

Then in robot code you can reserve a resource from this group and use the secret_name from the resource that you get. That secret name you could then use to query Vault. Before you release the resource (or robot exists), no other robot can get the same resource from that group. This system will facilitate both secret sharing, but also sharing any other resources that have limited availability.

This system is a bit more complicated than your suggestion, but how does it sound for you?

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It adds one more set up/maintenance point for secrets but it would work. As main aim is preventing robots for using same credential. Thank you!