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Hi, i’m a new robocorp-fan.

I have a simple code:
a) start a program
b) 2 enter
c) 1 alt+q
d) 3 arrow down
e) 1 enter

I try with RPA.Windows and
Send Keys keys={ENTER}
It’s ok.

But how can i send alt+q?

I try:
{Alt q}
but doesn’t work.

[FAIL] ValueError: “{ALT q}” is not valid

Traceback (most recent call last):
file:///c:/users/auser/.config/robocorp/my-test-mudlet/tasks.robot#18 [Start XMind and Create a MindMap]
Start XMind and Create a MindMap
file:///c:/users/auser/.config/robocorp/my-test-mudlet/tasks.robot#20 (Create a MindMap)
Create a MindMap
file:///c:/users/auser/.config/robocorp/my-test-mudlet/tasks.robot#48 (RPA.Windows.Send Keys)
Send Keys keys={ALT q}

Code is:
Send Keys keys={ENTER}
Send Keys keys={ENTER}
Sleep 3s
Send Keys keys={ALT q}



Hi Andrea and welcome to the forum!

Did you try {ALT}q ?


Hi, it works thanks! No error. But nothing happens, i try in notepad, xmind, other software.

Windows Search Notepad
Sleep 2s
Send Keys keys=ciao
Send Keys keys={ALT}f

It writes “ciao” but don’t open “File Menu” :(((


Could you try with

Control Window    Notepad
Send Keys    keys={LALT}{f}

Looks like ALT is sending altgr

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Try the below, it works for me:

Control Window Notepad
Send Keys keys={Alt}F

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