Session Based Excel Operasations

I was trying to work with excel with robocorp, but what i found is each time i am performaring excel operations either reading the data or writing the data i need to pass the file save it and close it, do we have anyway in robocorp to perform excel operations based on the session name. like we have in aa or any other rpa platform?? :thinking:

By judging Open Workbook, it looks like:

Opens the workbook in memory and sets it as the active workbook. This library can only have one workbook open at a time, and any previously opened workbooks are closed first.

but you can switch the focus between different sheets with Set Active Worksheet, so maybe you can use this as a workaround instead of managing multiple Excel files at the same time.

@mika Can intervene and decide if a potential future Switch Workbook keyword would make sense and be feasible here.