Set Worksheet Value (RPA.Excel.Files)


I am wondering a bit about the behavior of the Set Worksheet Value from Library RPA.Excel.Files.

It seems to have no functionality. I even placed a Log right before it to check whether the Worksheet is still available. Everything is working fine. Even the log files are ok but the data will not be added to the worksheet.

Did I miss something?

Here is the relevant snippet from my code:
Log ${activeSheet}
Set Worksheet Value ${rowIndex} 2 ${result} NumberString2Sum



All the changes to the workbook are done in memory, and when you are done you need to call the keyword Save Workbook to save the changes to disk.

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Hi @osrjv .

Ah, I see. I thought Save is only relevant for the Library RPA.Excel.Application.

Thank you. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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