Slack Notifier Robot


You can use this robot in Robocorp Cloud as an activity that notifies a given Slack channel. No coding is needed, just configuring. The notification message and channel name are given as environment variables and Slack’s webhook must be added to Vault.

Configuration in Robocorp Cloud

  1. Create a Package and specify “URL” source:
  2. Use the Package you created and add a new activity to your Process
  3. Open the Activity details and fill in the configuration details:
    Command: Notify Slack
    Environment Variables:
    SLACK_CHANNEL: name-of-the-slack-channel
    SLACK_MESSAGE: Hello World!
    SLACK_SECRET: SlackNotifierWebhook
  4. Open Vault, add a new secret with name SlackNotifierWebhook
    Add an item with key WEBHOOK and value copied from Slack e.g.