Software suggestion to find ElementID SAP Gui

They could provide suggestions for software to get the ElementID from the SAP Gui screen.
I started using the Accessibility Insights for Windows software, but it is neither good nor effective, then I was trying to use the Scripting Tracker software but it is not reading the SAP Gui screen, please indicate other software please!


could it be that you haven’t enabled scripting on user and server side, yet?

Yes, of course active!


and what about server side?

I used the RZ11 transaction and passed it as a sapgui / user_scripting parameter and enabled TRUE. The Scripting Tracker continues in the same way

Did you also catch the open session with the tracker?

Tracker.exe is not working!
Wouldn’t there be other software to do the same function?

Maybe UiPath’s UI Explorer but therefore you need to install the whole community package.

I just found another alternative:


Cool, this looks good!
Thank you very much !