Solved: Need helping building for loop in range with multiple keywords / lists

I’m trying to migrate a script away from Microsoft Power Automate Desktop, into RF but am stuck on the looping step.
I have a keyword that fills out a text fields to submit a report to generate. My current script iterates over 63 different values and I’m not sure how to translate that into RF.
@{Entity}= 1001 1002 1003 etc
@{ScheduleTime}= 12:00:00 12:01:00 12:02:00 etc

I tried the for in range loop but got the error message: "Variable [${counter}] not found. Any ideas on the issue?

FOR ${counter} IN RANGE 0 63
Complete form filters

*** Keywords ***
Complete form filters
Type Text //input[@paramname=‘Entity’] ${Entity}[${counter}]
Fill Text //input[@id=‘datepickerschedule’] 02/15/2022 ${ScheduleTime}[${counter}]

Thank you!

Disregard. I fixed this by passing arguments. :slight_smile:

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Feel free to post your solution here even if you solved it, maybe it will help somebody else some day.

Great idea.

Here are the screenshots of the resolution:

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