Solving captchas using OCR

Is it possible to solve these types of captchas using OCR?
Can someone help me?


If you google there ae some examples for this. In general whole point of the captcha is to prevent programmatic accesses, so good way would be to ask system owner ways to get around it.

Short Answer: Yes
Long Answer: It is complicated and won’t be easy.
The whole point of Captcha is to prevent robot and automation access (including other than Robocorp), often is to filter spam and undesired access. Without permission of the owner, you really shouldn’t counter the captcha for your robot automation, unless you want get into trouble.
However, if you’re not doing anything illegal and really need automate some process, try get any APIs from the website, software, or from the owner, but then you can programmatically access the target system which avoid the whole needs of OCR or desktop robot.


I couldn’t get it to work with OCR, but managed to use the 2captcha (paid) python lib to solve it.

Here is the lib and the API links for anyone looking for a solution:

Thanks for replying.
I’m not doing anything ilegal or anything of that kind. It is a process to check wether someone is elegible to be hired, and to check that it has to access the government portal, I doubt they’ll give me access to an API so there is no alternative that I can think of other than OCR and the paid method I used