SSHLibrary not loading

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to use the SSH keywords that are part of SSHLibrary; if I lookup SSHLibrary in Keywords Explorer it says it’s ‘Imported’ (“The keyword can be used in the robot file with no additional imports or installations”) but it only shows in ‘All Curated Libraries’ not in ‘Installed Libraries’.

If I reference one of the keywords such as ‘Open Connection’ it tells me it’s an Undefined Keyword, even if I add “Library SSHLibrary” in my settings.

I’m using RobocorpLab on an Ubuntu 20.04 desktop.

Anyone got any tips as to how I can get this working?


Hi gushy

I was able reproduce the issue with following conda.yaml and task.robot

However, when I restarted Lab and while I did some googling it mysteriously started to work:

I will write a bug report for our developers to check it out.


  - defaults
  - conda-forge
  - python=3.7.5
  - pip=20.1
  - robotframework-sshlibrary
  - pip:
    - rpaframework==5.*


*** Settings ***
Library  SSHLibrary

*** Tasks ***
Minimal task
    Open Connection
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Thanks for looking into it so quickly and for filing a bug report. :smiley: :+1:

Hi @gushy,

I have also faced the same issue with libraries import. As @Teppo mentioned, it sometimes starts working right after the simple restart of the lab and most of the times, it stays same.

What I have observed in my case is that the once we close the project, it’s failing to load all the libraries properly upon reopening it. I have reported the same to Robocorp team and I received a response that they would probably fix it in the next version of Robocorp Lab.

That’s more similar to my experience, I’ve not had the library load once on restart.

Hopefully, the next version will have a fix, for now, I’ve worked around the problem.

Seems the issue is fixed with released v4.7.6. Though it takes a minute or 2 to load.

Excellent I’ll update and give it a go.

Does it always take 1-2 minutes to open the robot in the editor view - or just for the first time?

When new robot is created or conda.yaml is edited, it will take some time to update the environment (it says rcc working in the top right corner). With up to date environment, editor should open much faster - in about 10 secs in my installation.

Hi @Teppo,

Not all the time it takes 1-2 minutes. I tried opening my existing projects and observed it coupe of times.
It should not be an issue, the reason I mentioned it is to just give a heads-up so that people who see this would have an idea that it might take a minute sometimes.

That is definitely a good point to make! I just got worried that the caching might not be working at all for you :relieved:

Well… I should’ve made it clear. My bad :crazy_face: