Store, Share data among different processes in a Workspace

We need to store a JSON object with more than 500 lines of data from one process, and have another process be able to read and update it as needed. However, we have a size limitation similar with Control Vault (if JSON object is big not updating to vault). Can you provide any input on how/where to store and update this variable’s value, and how to share it among different processes in a workspace? Thank you.

Would it be possible to save that JSON as file and attach it to workitem for passing between steps?

Hi Raivo, This is not possible because we have to pass it to a different process (not within the process having steps). This JSON object has to be available/online (like control room vault data) when a process can access whenever they run.

Not solution but there is upcoming feature for control room which allows to store assets on workspace. No ETA yet.

Asset storage is now available.