Store the logs in local

Hi all, can anyone explain how to automatically store/save the log after running in control room. I need to save that folder in my local. is this possible ? ,can i able to download the log automatically after each run

You could build something like this using process library. Why do you need run logs on you local machine?

Our requirement is to store the logs in on-premise(local machine).
Can you explain the steps to use RPA.Robocorp.Process

Hi, Did you get my point, can you give some example, like assertion it will be useful

Hi, I got your point. I passed this question to your technical account manager for more tailored solution. In general RPA.Robocorp.Process has all the keywords for getting that data. Check the documentation and examples there.

yeah, i checked the documentation. Get Robot Run Artifact this keyword requires 4 to 5 arguments. I’m not sure what i need to give in that argument. please ping me if you know or else if you get any response from technical team share with me.

These values are id’s related to you processes. You can check List values from documentation for getting the id’s
You can also get ids from API builder

Okay will check this

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