Trigger a process with Outlook Email having Input Files and also Run process with Inputs from Robocorp Assistant

Team, we have a process that extract data from pdf(sometimes more than one) and update it to excel which uses WORK_ITEMS feature.
As of now, we are running this process in control room by using RUN WITH INPUTS by providing pdf file as input.
Now, we want this process to be fully automated. Can you please help if this process can be run with below mentioned ways ?
i. Trigger the process to run with outlook mail with input pdf(s) attached in the mail.
So robot can take those attached pdf(s) as inputs and also send result files in Mail.
ii. Run the process with RoboCorp Assistant having inputs being supplied from assistant I.e like Run with Inputs in control room

Please help us to fully automate the process with above said points if this can be done.
We want to apply this concept to coming processes as well.

Thank you all for the support in advance.

Yes you can do all that.
To trigger via email: Triggering a process with email

To send an email an email: How to work with email using Gmail and RPA Framework

For Assistant: I don’t quite understand what you mean. Typically assistant is kicked off by a user and meant to interact with them. So for something like this I would have the user kick it off then have a Dialog open to ask the user for the PDF input…or just have the PDFs in a directory somewhere the Assistant goes and gets.

@eric Thanks for responding and providing your inputs.
Case 1. We can trigger a process with Outlook. But can we take input values and attachments from the same trigger mail and use them in the process.? Please note we are using work_items feature for the main process.

Please provide any guidance/templates for sending outlook mail with output result files.

Case 2. As you mentioned we used Dialog box for inputs. but we are unable to place the input file in respective required folder through process as we are using work_items concept. It is saying access is denied.

Case 1: yes, you can send an email with multiple attachments to kick of your process even using with work_items
Case 2: is this the VAT process? If so, then I would suggest using Case 1 and reach out to Blake. He can help you set it up.

There is also example in portal Robot Email Decoder robot