Trigger process GitHub Action not working


I’m trying to get the trigger process github action to work, but I’m getting:

Error: Failed to start process - {"error":{"code":"NOT_AUTHORIZED","subCode":"","message":"Not authorized to read process !"}}

The above link says the API key should have the trigger_processes permission and the action’s repo says it should have the read_runs and trigger_processes permissions. In any case, the API key has the following 3 permissions:

I can see that the key is being used, and there is only one .github/workflow file. The workflow is basically the same as the one in the tutorial but here it is for completeness:

name: Trigger a process in Control Room

      - dev

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    name: Trigger process
      - name: Trigger Control Room process run
        uses: robocorp/action-trigger-process@v1
          api-key: ${{ secrets.ROBOCORP_WORKSPACE_KEY_TRIGGER }}
          workspace-id: ${{ secrets.ROBOCORP_WORKSPACE_ID }}
          process-id: ${{ secrets.ROBOCORP_PROCESS_ID }}
          payload: '{"foo":"bar"}'
          await-complete: true

I’m also getting a warning (Please update the following actions to use Node.js 16: robocorp/action-trigger-process@v1) but I don’t imagine that’s the issue.

What am I missing?


Nevermind, it seems it’s working now. I’m guessing I hadn’t correctly set the env.json or used the correct access credentials. Once I reset the access credentials and set up a correct sequence of steps in my github actions workflow, this action worked fine.