Troubles with Word Application

Hey there, I have a recurrent problem with Word files when using RPA.Word.Application, and I dont know if my code is worng made
In a summary, what I do here is:
1. Read a Csv Table to store the values
2. Open the Word Application
3. Start a loop where:
3.1 I open a file, and replace some data on it
3.1 Save the active document and then Export it to PDF
3.2 And close the active file
4. After all that I Teardown the Word Application

The mentioned code is this:
*** Keywords ***
Prueba con Word
${Tabla}= Read Table From Csv ./DataSets/${Table_name} header=True dialect=excel
Open Application #visible=True
FOR ${key} ${value} IN &{Diccionario_Edicion}
Open File ${DIRECCION_ARCHIVO}${value}
FOR ${Par_Dato} IN @{Tabla}
FOR ${key2} ${value2} IN &{Diccionario_Word}
Replace Text ${key2} ${Par_Dato}[${value2}]
Save Document As ./DataSets/Netnovation/${Par_Dato}[Nombre Completo]/Onboarding/${key} ${Par_Dato}[Primer Nombre] ${Par_Dato}[Primer Apellido].docx
Export To Pdf ./DataSets/Netnovation/${Par_Dato}[Nombre Completo]/Onboarding/${key} ${Par_Dato}[Primer Nombre] ${Par_Dato}[Primer Apellido].pdf
Close Document
Set Global Variable ${Parte3_Exitoso} True
[Teardown] Close Document

And this is the Log:

com_error: (-2147352567, ‘An exception occurred.’, (0, ‘Microsoft Word’, 'This is not a valid file name.\nTry one or more of the following:\n* Check the path to confirm its typed correctly.\n * Please select a file from the list of files and folders. ‘,’ wdmain11.chm ', 24632, -2146823136), None)

Hi. It is really hard to see from that unformatted code snippet what could be wrong. I am guessing it fails at Open File ${DIRECCION_ARCHIVO}${value}. Have you verified that ${DIRECCION_ARCHIVO}${value} is a valid filepath ?

Is the Export To PDF your own custom keyword ?

You can use the Preformatted text option from the toolbar to create a code block (you can also manually type the backticks, if you want to!):

*** Keywords ***
Prueba con Word
    [Arguments] ${DIRECCION_ARCHIVO}