Trying to accept data after a particular date and time

We have a column that contains date and time of the entries logged.

But want to accept entries that were logged in after 5:00 PM last business day (excluding weekends) and save those entries in a different sheet.

Example : If there are a couple of entries made on last business day (here-17-06-2022) with time stamp 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm, only entry at 6:00 pm(as it is past 5:00 pm) needs to be considered and the dates compared should be today’s(here-20-06-2022) with last business day date i.e. 17-06-2022, as we need to consider data logged only after 5:00 pm of last business day.

Any clue is appreciated

Hi. I am not sure how you would need the business day supported. Did you mean previous business day? For example for today 20th of June, it would be 17th of June ?

I added a task Parsing Entries from Excel into my repository example.

Would that be something like you are trying to achieve ?

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yes, I meant previous business day i.e. 17th June will be our last working day for 20th June.
Thanks for sharing this but the parsing entries is not similar to which I am working.
My requirement is:
If I am working on data today (20th June), then will consider the entries that are logged after 5:00 PM of last business day(17th June). The logged date and time of the entries are present in the particular column