U+2013 vs U+002d

when I tried to use the U+2013 “–” character i got the following error. How to rectify this??

The character U+2013 " " could be confused with the ASCII character U+002d "- ", which is more common in source code.

Here I want to use the U+2013 “–” character because that is the character which is in the webpage.

Can you share minimal example source code that reveals that error?

Thanks but I took another way. Instead of the text in the page, I accessed the webpage URL which had the normal hyphen “-”. So, no need for the U+2013 “–” character

Even so, I think it should be beneficial to see where that error comes from, and maybe fix it. Even if there is way around it, sometimes it is good to also fix underlying problems. That is how things get improved. And to get there, that requires something that is repeatable, so that it can be debugged easily.

Okay. Let’s take the website itself.

In here, the button (01 – 02) was the one that I tried to locate. When I inspected it and captured the text, it was the U+2013 “–” character. But the moment I pasted it in VS Code it became U+002d "- " character. That’s where I had the issue. Since the character changed, that particular button wasn’t located when I ran the robot…

So, if that is “paste” functionality problem on VS Code, then it is out of Robocorp scope, and should maybe be taken to VS Code developers and report bug there.