Unable to automate web browser due to web drivers

Hi team, currently stuck in another issue with the web driver am using mac os Ventura with M1 Chip, and have installed a supported google chrome web driver. while doing web automation unable to use any of my installed browsers due to the web driver and also facing DNS issues which means the robot framework language server is not connected, the path is fine, and packages are also installed and am not sure what kind of packages, libraries or configuration that I

should follow. please find the below-posted screenshots and help me with a solution, Thanks in advance
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You could try removing quotation marks that are enclosing the URL.

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Thanks for the rapid reply , Teppo . ya, I have realized this.

Meanwhile, try with the latest rpaframework==19.3.1 pinned as we released a bugfix for it recently.

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I did that Cosmin, Thanks.