Unable to find downloaded files from Web Automation

I set up a RoboCorp Cloud process to download a few files from a Web Automation process. The robot ran and was completed. However, I am not able to locate or download the files in the Robocorp Cloud UI. I can read from the process logs that the files are saved under the folder /packet/.

For example:


Please point me to the right direction to where I can locate and download the csv files. Thanks

Hello @rwganalytics42 - if you click on the process run on Cloud UI, and after that the Step run, you should be able to see Artifacts from the step run on the right side of the Cloud UI.

Let me know if this helped you!

Hi @rwganalytics42,

You need to check this artifactsDir: output entry in the robot.yaml file. It defines the directory of the artifacts that are stored in the Cloud run artifacts.

By default, the artifact directory is the output directory. So move files you want to save as artifacts into that directory.