Unable to keep my Browser open at the end of the task

Hi am sam, I am using vs code editor in mac os to develop a robot framework and currently am using the function auto_close=${False} to keep my browser window open but unfortunately, this function is not keeping my browser open and I feel robot framework taken it as string, can anyone suggest me why it is not working as function and how to create a new task. robot, if possible can anyone share the code structure with real-time best practices.

Hi, I gave it a test and it seems it doesn’t work anymore. We’ll be working on this Issue, no ETA for now.

To keep you unblocked, try with the latest rpaframework & selenium==4.5.0 for a while and let us know if that keeps your browser open after the bot run ends.


Thanks for the reply, meanwhile am trying to few inbuilt functions like overwrite Keywords after successful installation of dependency packages, pip , python robot framework and selenium updates packages IntelliSense is not working as expected , for example : Like auto_Close overwrite ,Key word and variables are not showing by IntelliSense it hard to type complete key word or a function.

We’ve done some research and a potential workaround for you would be to additionally pin selenium==4.5.0 as well in your conda.yaml. Let me know if that makes auto_close=${False} work again on your side.

On IntelliSense

Try running Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+P → type clear → select “Clear Robocorp (RCC) …”, then restart VSCode and run a robot task (so it gets the env rebuilt) and see if it fixes it. Otherwise please provide the bot code which overrides those keywords in order to understand better what happens.

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And now the problem is fixed as with rpaframework 19.3.1.

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Is this the correct way of adding selenium==4.5.0 to Conda.yaml ?

That’s not needed anymore, please update rpaframework as instructed here.

Speaking of additional dependencies, you have to put them under the - rpaframework ... one. (one more indent and don’t forget the dash -)

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ya, I have followed your instructions and updates as u said, now auto_close is working as excepted, Heartfull thanks for your rapid and continuous support Cosmin.