Unable to run robocorp code

I have setup VS code in client’s environment and installed robocorp code and robot framework language server extensions in it. I am simply trying to run the default tasks.robot file but I am getting the following error:
This program is blocked by group policy. For more information, contact your system administrator

Terminal screenshot:

Robot.yaml file:

Tasks.robot file:

If an error comes from a customer machine then you should contact their IT organization for help. Error:
This program is blocked by group policy. For more information, contact your system administrator
means there are general policies set by IT department to adjust what can be run on that machine.

Ok so can it be also related to python not being installed on the machine or not set in environment variable or something related to windowspowershell?

Robocorp tooling does not require python to be installed. Group policies can control several different settings, you would get best answer form you clients IT department

Thanks @raivo

Also since the error mentions " This program is blocked by group policy". Can we get know which specific program is being blocked by group policy so that I can convey it further to the IT team since there could be any program and it can be difficult to for IT team to identify which particular program is getting blocked.

There is no report from our tooling that would indicate which part of this is blocked. Tooling uses Python and Micromamba for executions. You also might want to check Firewall and network proxy requirements | Robocorp documentation for possible network restrictions. It is good practice to consult with the customer’s IT department before installing and running anything on their machines.

It is the batch file created by robocorp inside temp folder which is being blocked by group policy. Is there any way we can bypass this .bat file and run the robot?


Hi, batch files that tooling creates are needed for environment creation and robot setup, it’s not possible to bypass those.

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