Undefined Error after patch 4.12.20

I have faced with some problems. Today, September the 7th , Robocorp released new version - 4.12.20.
It is impossible to open Robocorp after it . I cant fix this problem (spawn cmd ENOENT)

Checking the issue report now…

The log is showing that the (Windows long path support](https://robocorp.com/docs/troubleshooting/windows-long-path) is not enabled on your machine.
…which might be one source of problems.
Are you getting the initial check-up view when starting Lab, and can you use that to fix the problem?

But the error seems to come from a corrupted recent robots listing, I would like to see the target file but as it contains your data I’ll ask that via the issue ticket.
…and post the actual fix / reason back here once we’ve figured out what’s going on.

Thanks, for the report.
Br, Kari

Hi , Our developers are facing the same issue , Can you please address this

Have you already checked link from previous message, about long paths?

And also make sure, that developers are allowed to execute cmd.exe and that there are no other preventing restrictions in your IT environment.

If issue persists, submit issue report from tooling directly, so that we can see logs on event. We need more details, since previous report was long time ago (4 months) things have already changed, and your issue might be similar, but with high probability it is not the same.

Able to run cmd.exe manually and checked the path of the cmd which is correct. All the remaining team members are able to access this from the same network.

Hi @vinayreddy

Please review this link here Windows support for long filenames. The issue stems from the windows settings and not the path the the cmd.exe executable. You need to enable windows long path support, which should be a popup on your machine when you run the bot in VS Code. If you have enabled long path support and are still having this issue please submit the issue via the command pallet in VS Code (instructions here: How to submit issues). Let me know if you have any questions.