Unresolved library error

some libraries like RPA.table RPA.HTTP, RPA.JSON RPA.Tables are working but when CryptoLibrary and some others are added they give unresolved library error even though conda.yaml has latest(14.1.1) version of rpaframework.
i tried both 13.0.0 and 14.0.0 but didn’t work. Any resolutions/suggestions would be great.


Could you specify other libraries you have problem with? Check also library names, I have no issues importing RPA.Crypto. If you want to use robot framework libraries that are not part of rpaframework you need to add them to you conda.yaml


Yes, and as a slightly irrelevant addition, try using the latest rpaframework==15.0.0 as we added security updates meanwhile.

Any other 3rd-party library not covered by us should be pinned first under the conda deps, then under pip (if not found previously). Although we got cryptography PyPI package already included by the library.