Upgrade error. How disable updates?

Hello everybody!

This is the error that happened during automatic update:

The question is, how can I turn off automatic updates? The guys release updates so often that I don’t have time to study in the studio :slight_smile:

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Contacted you privately about the logs.

We heard you comment on the release frequency and blocking auto-updates, will discuss this with the team.


Thanks for your reply. Regarding updates - of course, you know better how you need for the product, it was just a wish on my part. Thanks!

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The problem looks like one that many have fixed with this step:

Do this, and then do a clean install.

Hello everybody!
Failed to install. I did it according to the instructions. Deleted apps and emptied folders.

True, in one of the environments of the miniconda there is an installed Jupyter Notebook. But I think that the environment should be isolated in theory.

Pinged you privately for a new log. Lets figure this one out.

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