Using a .env file and work-items

Hi All,

I was hoping to get some answers to my struggles using the latest version of RCC (been away for 2 years, so probably something has been updated since.

When I run my robot using this command:

C:\Users\roborian\Documents\Code\process-runner-test\rcc.exe task run --robot "c:\robots\temp\robot.yaml" -e C:\robots\temp\devdata\env.json

I get an error, and I think it is related to the processing of my local work item.

The error that I get is:
Failed to load input work item: 'Missing required environment variable: RC_WORKSPACE_ID'

This is the content of the env.json file:

    "RC_WORKITEM_ADAPTER": "FileAdapter",
    "RC_WORKITEM_INPUT_PATH": "C:\\robots\\temp\\rpahost\\work-items.json",
    "RC_WORKITEM_OUTPUT_PATH": "C:\\robots\\temp\\output\\work-items.json",
    "EMAIL_PATH": "C:\\Attachments\\",
    "EMCLIENT_EXE": "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\eM Client\\MailClient.exe"

This is my work-items.json file:

        "payload": {
            "Configuration": {
                "email_path": "C:\\Attachments\\",
                "emclient_exe": "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\eM Client\\MailClient.exe"
            "Task": {
                "id": "6550ff5a5c117613d410e913",
                "name": "pre-demo test",
                "description": null,
                "labels": [],
                "dueDate": null
        "files": {}

And for simplicity, this is a task where it fails:
*** Tasks ***

Default Tasks
    ${wi}=    Get Input Work Item

In a previous version I did not have this command,
but then it failed with this error:

Unable to create output work item without an input, call `Get Input Work Item` first