WebDriverException: Message: 'geckodriver' executable needs to be in PATH

Hi robocorp Teams

I am facing an issue while using open browser keyword

when i executes this, it throws an error like this

Why so @erno

any reasons ?

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Nived N

Hi Nived,

Could you try with Open Available Browser instead?

*** Keywords ***
Open Browser for robertsspaceindustries
   Open Available Browser  https://robertsspaceindustries.com/
*** Tasks ***
Open Application
   Open Browser for robertsspaceindustries

Hi jeevith

Sure thanks for your reply

But I am thinking there is some technical issue I think so

@Nived_Nambiar error comes from missing driver for Firefox, as it shown in the error log geckodriver executable needs to be in PATH.

The Open Browser keywords expects that user will manage webdrivers themselves (it comes from upstream SeleniumLibrary package).

We have implemented Open Available Browser keyword which will automatically manage webdrivers so that user does not need to. So I will recommend using this keyword


Hi @mika @Jeevith

Thanks you so much guys for the good explanation


Nived N :robot::robot:


I would like to run many browsers Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc. Is there a way to set the PATH?

Hi, @wnpansuwan! The Open Available Browser keyword allows you to define the preferred browser using the browser_selection argument. See the keyword documentation for more information.

Hi @wnpansuwan,

Don’t forget that Firefox you can get just via conda-forge without even having it installed on the target machine.

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You can test if it actually is in the Python PATH, if you open a cmd and type in chromedriver and hit Enter. If Starting ChromeDriver 2.15.322448 is appearing, the PATH is set appropriately and there is something else going wrong. Then try the following:

Download ChromeDriver

Then you have multiple options:

  • Add it to your system path
  • Put it in the same directory as your python script
  • Specify the location directly via executable_path

driver = webdriver.Chrome(executable_path='C:/path/to/chromedriver.exe')