WebDriverException: Message: unknown error: Chrome failed to start: crashed


I am trying to execute a simple program on Robocorp Cloud but I am getting WebDriver Exception.

Library  SeleniumLibrary

***Test Case***
Run My Case
Open Browser  http://www.google.com  chrome
input text  //input[@name="q"]  Sandy
Press Keys    //input[@name="q"]    ENTER
Sleep   2
Capture Page Screenshot 	
Log to console  Sandy

Kindly suggest what is a reason for error as this code is working fine on my local machine.

Hi Sandy, the reason might be that our container’s configuration is not compatible with SeleniumLibrary, but we will investigate this more. Could you instead try to use the RPA.Browser library, if that works? :slight_smile:

If you test the RPA.Browser library, “open available browser” or “open chrome browser” should download the webdriver automatically, that should help :slight_smile: