What exactly is open sourced?

I have watched all the videos and read all the documentation and most forum posts. I am confused on which components exactly are open sourced. Is it the libaries only? Is there a scenario where the application can be used without using Robocorp Cloud services at all?

Don’t get me wrong if we like the solution we are happy to buy support, however; we have our own on-premise private clouds across 6 data centers and due to disaster recovery purposes are not permitted to run core process across internet/telco circuits. Of course, our non-core process are fine for Robocorp Cloud.


If running the workload in your own environment is not secure enough, you can also choose to build your own scheduler.
You could then use the RCC command to run the robots on your DC’s, and have something like a centralized database server with an API to schedule the keywords to trigger.

Keep in mind that also output, logging and secrets are part of robocorp cloud, so you should also replace that.
I would strongly advise you to explore other options like having a good conversation with your CISO about risk and likelihood.

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Currently there is fully open sourced stack for developing and running robots. This includes

  • RPA Framework libraries (some libraries have several backends e.g. Secrets Library has Robocorp Cloud compatible backend, file based backend and extension point to add your own.)
  • VSCode extension (+ Language server)
  • Chrome recorder extension
  • RCC - Command line tool for building and running Robots

Also major parts of Robocorp Lab are already open sourced (e.g. RF kernel), but we will not open source it as a whole before RF 4, Mamba and Xeus Kernel are stabilised with the code base.

SS You can develop and run robots with fully open source stack. Code for multi tenant cloud is not open source, but there are several Open Source options for orchestration e.g. Roboorp’s Jenkins container.

Thank Brian! We already have a secrets server with auto-password changing feature and API access, enterprise job scheduler, and multiple private clouds in multiple data centers. Our need is not directly related to security, it is disaster recovery related for internet outages. For non-mission critical needs we would use the Robocorp cloud.

Thanks Teppo, that helped a lot! Nice work on the solution.

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