What is advantage of developing through RPAframework?

Hi All,

I’m new about RPA framework.
I’m here for scheduling bot by free. (almost other rpa tools are not free to schedule)

But when I made a bot…
actually programming through python code directly (using python lib like win32com , selenium or other) is much faster and simple.

Maybe it is because I’m not familiar with these code, but what is benefit of using it?
I think python is more direct and easy to build.


Hello! I think you are making a confusion between RPAFramework and Robot Framework. Robot Framework is a higher level language that is basically used in order to have a low code solution. Its purpose is to be useful both to programmers and to those less used to programming. And Python will be the more flexible option, but Robot Framework is easier for those not knowing Python beforehand.

As for RPAFramework, it’s basically like using a library of helpers/utilities that can help you not write code for all those things