What is the best way to use an open browser across .robot files

I am using an 'Open Chrome ‘Browser’ in my first .robot file.

I want to continue using that same browser in a different .robot file.

I was curious if there is an easier way to do this besides using the Attach Chrome browser with the port number setup since I already have an established open browser.

I used the ‘Get Session ID’ on my open browser in my first .robot file but am having issues finding a way to reference that session id using a keyword in my other .robot file.

I have also tried giving my first browser an alias and referencing that, but it also does not seem to work.

The port setup would work but I am concerned about if the local port could break the process once the bot is in the Control Room.


(Image of first .robot file)

How could I reference this google page in another .robot file?