When I send email, email is return due to No Mx Record Found

I use rpa-framework to send email and email return due to missing Mx. I search on internet about this error, it seems some of email provider will reject email without Mx record. how can i add Mx info when I use send message keyword on rpa-framework

Hi. I think you need to set up MX record for the domain/IP address you are sending emails from.

One guide here https://serverpilot.io/docs/how-to-configure-dns-on-digitalocean/

@mika, your articles make me understanding MX. I will retry to find how to set MX on my email box

Sure, let us know how it goes. If it still doesn’t work I recommend first checking the following:

  1. verify that recipient address is correct
  2. verify that you can receive email to the recipient address from other sources (test with gmail or equivalent)